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Staging Your Home Is Worth It!

On average you can expect to earn twice
the cost of staging a home in a higher sales price.
Two dollars back for every dollar you spend!


Here are six tips that don’t break the bank.


This is a BIG one.  De-personalize!  The buyer needs to imagine themselves living in this house – not you.

Those family photos, those bowling trophies, the children’s drawings you are so proud of, they all mean everything to you – but to the buyer it’s takes them away from imagining this as their new home.


Declutter, declutter, declutter.

All those shoes lined up by the front door, the cereal boxes on top of the refrigerator, a stuffed closet, all send messages.  Not enough storage space!  Buyer’s will never tell you this, they will just think it.  Less is always more.  Too much furniture and decorative collections will take away from the buyer’s ability to see the space.


Cleanliness counts!

Dirty grout lines dirty carpets, ceiling fan blades caked with dirt, windows with smudge marks, a sink stuffed with pots and pans, dirty wall switches and missing outlet covers.   It is all so unappealing to a potential buyer  – and it is also so easy to avoid.


Update your home.  Modernize dated cabinets by having them sanded and painted.  Replace kitchen cabinet hardware with stainless steel or brushed nickel.  Most homes can benefit from some updating and help avoid those low-ball offers.  New entrance door mats both exterior and interior are also a GREAT IDEA!


Color can be crucial. You might love the way that dark maroon wall looks in your bedroom, but a buyer is wondering how many coats of paint it will take to cover that dark color.  A fresh coat of paint is one of the most inexpensive ways to improve the look of your home.  Keep it neutral, use light grays and linen whites, earth tones – please, nothing dark or funky.


When it comes to smell – honesty is the best policy.  Ask your agent and your friends to tell you the truth.  You might not even be aware of it.  Nothing turns a buyer off more than the smell of cigarette smoke, cat urine, a wet dog smell, well you get the idea.

A few more valuable suggestions to think about…

Make sure your those toilet lids are down when that door-bell rings!

Pick up small area rugs.  The type of rugs people will place in front of a bathroom or kitchen sink.  It breaks up the space and makes a room look smaller.

Use matching hangers in your closet.  Spend a few bucks on higher quality closet hangers and get rid of those cheap wire hangers.  It will modernize your closets with visual impact and give it a more luxurious feel.

A bright room is a major source of appeal for buyers.  In most cases, make sure your shades are open before the buyer arrives.

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