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Sold a Single Family home in 2019 in Plantation, FL.

When we decided to sell our home in Lauderdale West there were 20 other homes for sale which we feared would make it difficult to find a buyer. The professional photos and video created by Tom Carroll from Assist-2-Sell resulted in a quick sale. Saving money on the commission was a great perk but more important was the excellent service we received. From the initial meeting thru closing Tom was always available and very quick to respond to any questions. Tom provided helpful advice and made the process very easy. We recommend Assist -2-Sell to anyone thinking of buying or selling. Thanks to Tom we are now in our Dream house. Less.

2019 - zuser20140530071227699
Sold a Single Family home in 2019 in Coral Springs, FL.

Tom and Don at Assist-to-Sell were fabulous to work with! Very responsive to any question or concern that we had. We had an offer on our home within 48 hours and sold our home for top dollar!!!! I would highly recommend them to anyone.

2019 - healthchaser7
Sold a Single Family home in 2019 in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Tom and Don are an exceptional team. From the ease of the paperwork to begin the process to the outstanding photo and video displays to the closing process, the total experience was superior. They are very personable, professional, honest, straight-forward people who clearly enjoy their work. Their knowledge, service, and follow through with what needs to be done is outstanding. Done very promptly I might add, as well. They saved me money on my transaction and who can complain with thousands extra in your pocket. Would I use them again or recommend them to others? In a heartbeat!

2019 - dsrusp
Sold a Single Family home in 2019 in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Assist2Sell sold our condo quickly and we saved thousands by NOT paying the overpriced Traditional Commission Fees. Flat Fee Savings is the way to go! The team Tom Carroll and Don Marton are very professional. The listing was presented very well with professional photos and a drone video. If buying or selling from my experience I would recommend them it was a smooth process from listing to closing. You can trust them to represent your needs.

2019 - steven tamboer
Sold a Single Family home in 2019 in Coconut Creek, FL.

Very professional. Always keeping me up to date on how things were. They were always on top on things. Very happy with the price I was able to get for my home. The commission savings was a BIG bonus

2019 - rjkop
Sold a Single Family home in 2019 in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Tom and Don provided exceptional service and assistance in the sale of my property. They were both extremely efficient and responsive to my needs and made the entire process completely stress-free!

2019 - moeberry26
Sold a Single Family home in 2019 in Pompano Beach, FL.

Tom is very attentive and relatable. He gives good suggestions but ultimately lets you decide. He directed the photographer in taking all the best shots of my home. He shows up on time and does what he says he’ll do. I interviewed other realtors but I chose Tom for the qualities above... and we saved so much with them

2019 - Lisa Charlton
Sold a Single Family home in 2019 in Tamarac, FL.

Tom & Don are Superb Professionals, Excellent Service & Communication. We have put our house up for sale previously with other realtors and never had the marketing, service or communication with other realtors like we did with Tom & Don. They are an excellent team. Tom with the marketing & Don with the sales & contractual matters. We are ecstatic with the service we received from their real estate firm. If we need to sell a property in the future, we will not hesitate to call Assist 2 Sell. Tom & Don - Thank you, Thank you, and again Thank you!!! Lisa & John Caruso

2019 - JamesWesolowskii
Sold a Single Family home in 2019 in Coconut Creek, FL.

Great experience, saved thousands of dollars. Will never use a traditional realtor again!

2019 - gocinski
Sold a Single Family home in 2019 in Coconut Creek, FL.

It was truly a pleasure to work with Tom and Don in selling our home! They were both extremely knowledgeable, professional and their customer service was truly exceptional! We trusted them from the moment we met them! We refer to them as the “A Team”. Definitely would recommend them to all our friends and colleagues. James and Randi G

2019 - avina0924
Sold a Single Family home in 2019 in Tamarac, FL.

We loved working with both Tom and Don at Assist 2 Sell. They listened to our needs and made sure we got the best deal possible for our home. They were professional and incredibly helpful. I mostly appreciated how available they were at any time to answer any questions or address any concerns we had throughout the process of selling our home. We will definitely give them a call again when we are ready to purchase our next home.

2019 - Rikards459
Sold a Single Family home in 2019 in Parkland, FL.

Selling a house can cause tremendous stress and anxiety. We felt so blessed to find and work with Tom and Don during the whole process. At the first meeting with Tom, we felt an instant connection and trust, and signed the sales contract right then. Upon our request, they expedited everything to put our house on the market within just a few days. During the journey, we went through expected emotional ups and downs, but, whenever we needed and called for advice, information or just some comfort, they always answered the phone promptly and if not available they would let you know and call you back within the next couple of minutes. Besides saving almost half of the regular real estate commission, they were very professional in handling all the details of the sale making us feel at ease and protected, but the most important part, to us, was their personal touch. WE WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM....

2018 - user2153982
Sold a Single Family home in 2018 in Davie, FL.

After our listing expired with a traditional, full commission, agent we decided to drop our price and go with a discount agent. After a long search and many interviews we went with Assist-To-Sell after speaking with Tom Carroll. This became the turning point in the sale of our home. Tom, Don and Maureen really came through for us! Not only did we see more traffic, but the number and size of the offers went up as well. We sold our home in a reasonable period of time for a reasonable amount and that’s all you can ask of an agent. These guys are five stars all the way! They are very knowledgeable, professional and hard working. Tom went above and beyond to step in for us when we traveled. His pictures were very great, as good as and sometimes better than the professional photographer used by our first agent. Don Marton was extremely helpful during the closing and even provided me with insights after our sale and during the purchase of our new home. I consider myself to be pretty savvy on financial issues and a bit of a know-it-all on everything else, but Don was spot-on with his advice and counsel. We hired them as a company to sell our home but now they are friends. We would strongly recommend this team to anyone selling a home in South Florida.

2018 - rms1491
Sold a Single Family home in 2018 in Tamarac, FL.

i interviewed many realtors, i knew right away that tom/don of assist to sell were the right agents to list my home, i am a stickler for people returning calls in a timely manner, dont worry, they actually pick up there phones at all hours. even on vacation.they are very knowledgeable and easy to talk to.i sold my home in 2 months at a very good price.i highly recommend assist to sell, if you want to save some money and pay a flat fee..they are a great team..A+

2018 - valdanes1
Sold a Single Family home in 2018 in Deerfield Beach, FL.

Both Tom & his partner Don Marton are knowledgeable and professional. They answer their phone in a timely manner and gave us great advise throughout the selling process. We would hire them again because they saved us $8,650. THANKS GUYS! Val & Ken Danes

2018 - bolidy
Sold a Single Family home in 2018 in Parkland, FL.

Tom and Don did a Superb job in listing and selling my home in Parkland. Tom and his partner Don are both very professional, knowledgeable, and always available for questions. We also saved a lot of money on commissions.

2018 - kamdar akshay
Sold a Single Family home in 2018 in Pompano Beach, FL.

Tom knows what he is doing and also understands his client's requirements and caters accordingly. He is an amazing realtor. We first came in touch with Tom in 2016 and always turn to him with everything real estate related.

2018 - dianaco53
Sold a Townhouse home in 2018 in Pembroke Lakes, Pembroke Pines FL.

We were extremely pleased with the professional service we received from Tom and Don from start to finish. Two of our sales contracts fell through, through no fault of their own, and they kept assisting us with the same professional courtesy and enthusiasm as if our third contract were the first. They have all the knowledge and expertise needed and then some, and will stick with you until you succeed! They are very trustworthy and will not mislead you. We highly recommend them, even above other full-commission realtors we have used in the past!

2018 - druck293
Sold a Single Family Home in 2018 in Sunrise, FL.

We hired Tom and Don after interviewing several realtors in our area. Both of these men are true professionals. Very polite and knowledgeable. They did exactly what they said they would do. They are always available for questions. If you want to save money and do so with no drama, hire this team.

2018 - pepperthompson
Sold a Single Family Home in 2018 in Coconut Creek, FL.

Tom and Don did a great job selling our house. Twice they saved a deal we thought would fall through. I highly recommend them. And saving money on realtor fees was the added benefit.

04/14/2018 - zuser20180118125551450
Sold a Condo in 2018 in Coconut Creek, FL.

Working with Tom and Don was one of the best business experiences we’ve had. They are true professionals, extremely knowledgeable, and totally professional. They do exactly what they say they are going to do, which was very important to us. If you need to get a hold of them, they are always there for you, if you cannot get them immediately, they will get back to you in a few minutes any time of day or night. They told us what we should do to make the house more sellable which we did, Tom came, took incredible pictures, (when we saw the pictures we couldn’t believe it was our house) and the house was put on the market on a Friday afternoon, we went away for the weekend and Monday morning we had a contract with the offer we wanted. We closed in less than a month. We would recommend anyone buying or selling a home should only use Tom and Don at Assist to Sell - Assist to Buy Retail Estate. Besides being great business people they are really nice people. Oh by the way, they also saved us just under $10,000.00 in commissions. On a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the best, they are a 10+. Thanks again for selling our home. Mike and Necie.

03/23/2018 - pj8136
Sold a Single Family home in 2018 in Deerfield Beach, FL.

Tom and Don are the best at what they do. They were there every step of the way. Anytime I called the phone was answered, no matter what day or time. Both Tom and Don are patient, informative and very knowledgeable. They made everything easy and smooth with what is a big transaction in life. I can’t thank them enough for all they did for me and my family.

11/17/2017 - Dimi1234
Sold a Single Family home in 2017 in Deerfield Beach, FL.

I cannot tell you how lucky I was to find A2S and how grateful that I called and went with them. The service and whole experience exceeded my expectations. My Story A2S was the second agent I called as the first wanted me to list for 25k lower than what I wanted and said anything higher is delusional. She was so hell bent on proving me wrong, she offered to pay for an appraisal out of her own pocket. I also wanted to offer 5% but she claimed realtors might skip my house unless I offered 3% to buyer's agent for a total of 5.5% which I agreed to. She sends me a contract and in the contract is language about lowering my list price. This is when I decided to look for a second opinion. Searching online I discovered flat fee Agents. I read what many people had to say and started to notice a pattern. All the negative stories were from realtors and all the positive ones were from sellers. I called Tom to set up an appt. From the minute he came into my house I had that good feeling about him. I'm weird about things like that. My gut has to sign off on everything. He didn't think my list price was delusional and at worst just a few grand off. He also suggested 2.5%for the buyer's agent without me saying anything. This gave me the comfort of knowing A2S had my best interest in mind. A2S put up a coming soon notice on zillow and ended up getting me a full price offer the next day as they're taking photos to list on MLS. Then Don steps in. Don handles everything from qualifying buyers, negotiating terms and contract language. The buyer's were selling their house, so Don looked into their deal and their buyer too. He made sure all ducks were in a row so this closing could go as smooth as possible. Had I not found A2S it would've cost me almost 30 grand. If you have any doubts I hope my experience helped get rid of them.

11/16/2017 - moehair828
Sold a Single Family home in 2017 in Coral Springs, FL.

First of all, great marketing of my property. Second of all, Tom advised me the right things to do to present my home to make it more appealing for a potential a buyer. Third, Tom and Don were always there for the numerous phone calls I made to them. They sold my property fast and saved me thousands of dollars in commissions. The company knew just what to do and handled it very smoothly. We are Ver, Very pleased!

10/30/2017 - valeriec9
Sold a Single Family home in 2017 in Parkland, FL.

Tom and Don did a great job marketing our home. They were a pleasure to work with and made the entire sales process stress free. We also saved over $35,000. in real estate commissions !!! I would definitely encourage anyone buying or selling a home to engage their services.

10/21/2017 - user1045844
Sold a Townhouse in 2017 in Coconut Creek, FL.

This was, by far, the happiest real-estate transaction I could have had. I contacted Tom b/c I saw that they could save me money; I not only got that, but I got the most ingratiating team I could have found in Real Estate City (so to speak). The 3805 townhouse was mine, and I was profoundly attached to it after 22 1/2 years in it, largely with my late husband. I bought another property largely for ultimate transmittal to my kids, and really had to wrestle with the handing over over my townhouse to a lovely lady. Along the way, we had to deal with certain barriers, but Tom, Don and I came out with the best sales in my village (and perhaps farther), based on comprehensive estimates (comparisons with comparable units). Both of these guys acted as my friends and advisers, and I truly can't imagine having been happier with any other people. My profound thanks, guys! (It's not just Tom--you get Don Marton, too)! Julie

10/17/2017 - user81262354
Sold a Single Family Home in 2017 in Coral Springs, FL.

Tom and Don were amazing to work with! They sold my house in 1 day and got us over 97% of the asking price. They were also able to save us another $5,000 in commission savings! I would highly recommend them for the sale and purchase of your home!

10/15/2017 - Lou Weinstein
Bought and sold a Single Family home in Boynton Beach, FL.

I have invested in residential real estate and purchased several residences over thirty years. During that time I have been represented by more than fifty real estate agents. Tom Carroll and Don Marton were instrumental in my recent acquisition of a single family home in Valencia Lakes in Boynton Beach,Fl. They are consummate professionals. Their extensive knowledge, perseverance in showing me numerous properties, comprehensive research, concern for a client's needs, warmth and consideration are truly unique and unparalleled in my experience. It was wonderful working with Assist to Sell and I look forward to many real estate transactions together.

10/10/2017 - zuser20140622121525074
Sold a Single Family home in 2017 in Coconut Creek, FL.

My home sold within days and is the highest sale in the neighborhood. Tom Carroll is professional and knowledgeable. Tom took the time to educate me on the the entire home selling process, and provided valuable input and suggestions. We also saved a ton of money! I highly recommend Tom Carroll and his team to anybody looking to buy or sell a home.

10/04/2017 - litanj
Sold a Townhouse in 2017 in Pembroke Pines, FL.

Tom was amazing from the beginning to the end of the deal. He helped us buy our first investment property and provided great insight from his real estate management history. He is very knowledgeable and quick to complete all items. I highly recommend his services should you need to list or buy a property.

10/02/2017 - psdubb1
Sold a Townhouse home in 2017 in Parkland, FL.

Tom and Don were great to work with and they sold our townhouse in less than 3 days. Saved us an enormous amount of money $$$$$ in comparison to a traditional real estate company. We want to thank you both for such an easy transaction.

09/21/2017 - train2win13
Sold a Single Family home in 2017 in Coconut Creek, FL.

Sold the house on first showing ! .....they took great pictures and created an outstanding virtual tour slideshow. Saved me thousands of dollars and followed through all the way to closing. Cannot go wrong using Tom and Don ! Thank you both

08/15/2017 - fdecarlo3
Bought and Sold a Single Family Home in 2017 in Parkland, FL.

I was referred to Tom Carroll by a friend 18 years ago. During this time Tom has helped me purchase 7 different properties, sell one property, and rent 3 properties. His knowledge of all aspects of real estate is 2nd to none. He knows locations, property values, marketing, and his partner Don Marton is an excellent in negotiations. Tom seems to work around the clock, because there has never been a time when I needed to speak to him that he was not available – he was there for me on weekends and evenings. He is a Down-To-Earth Professional who makes things easy. You could not find a better real-estate agent than Tom Carroll - Frank DeCarlo, Jr.

08/02/2017 - Karen Griffin4
Sold a Single Family home in 2017 in Coconut Creek, FL.

Tom photographed and created a video of our home that brought interested buyers in within hours of release on the MLS. We received an offer in less that 24 hours along with a full price back up offer in case the first one fell through. He and his agency handled everything from start to finish. You hear stories of how stressful it is to sell a home. We literally did nothing but fill out a simple sellers disclosure sheet and show up to the closing to sign. We also saved thousands. I would highly recommend Tom and Don to anyone looking to sell their home stress free.

07/31/2017 - cbalvino
Sold a Single Family home in 2017 in Margate, FL.

Amazing that these guys are able to give such amazing concierge service at discounted rates! If you are searching and wondering if a discount rate means LESS service you would be surprised to learn how wonderful Don and Tom were! This is my eighth home and I can say that this was the most professional and caring real estate company we have ever worked with! Thank you both! Willam & Corinne Alvino.

07/22/2017 - dorotheasass
Sold a Single Family home in 2004 in Wellington, FL.

We now highly recommend Assist 2 Sell whenever somebody we know plans to sell a home. At Assist 2 Sell there are two broker owners, Tom Carroll and Don Marton. Both top professionals who complement each other in their skills. They handed everything for us, and what was was really important - they saved us a considerable amount of money on commissions.
They really worked hard for us when they sold our house in Wellington. I had my doubts about their flat fee, but it really proved true. Tom’s and Don were always honest with us, and they were incredibly helpful. They will gave us valuable advice on how to prepare our home for the sale. They gave us constant updates on our local market, they made a beautiful virtual tour to showcase our home, everything was just perfect. If you want to sell - we can only say: don’t hesitate to call them!
Dorothea and Edgar Sass

04/04/2017 - zuser20161208103241639
Bought a Single Family home in 2017 in Delray Beach, FL.

We contacted Tom regarding a property for which he was the listing agent. He was extremely responsive and forthcoming about the status of a property and existing offers. We negotiated terms and email response time was typically within minutes. Based on his professionalism, we had Tom represent us as the buyer and we couldn't have been happier. He made himself available for multiple appraisals and inspections at the property, trips to the HOA managing agent or anything else we needed. He is extremely knowledgeable regarding the nuances of Florida real estate transactions and was on top of every detail. As a result the transaction went extremely smooth for all parties. We highly recommend Tom and will use him again.

03/21/2017 - zuser20161208103241639
Sold a Condo in 2017 in Delray Beach, FL.

.Our real estate agent was Don Marton. We've used him several times prior to this most recent sale. Don got us 97% if our asking price and saved us over $4,000 in real estate fees! He is extremely detailed oriented and one of the hardest working people I know. I've referred him to our out of town friends, and he sold their property quickly. Don is more than an amazing agent, but I consider him part of our family! Everyone at Assist to Sell work as a team, with our best interest first and foremost. Without hesitation, Assist to Sell, will ALWAYS be our "go to" real estate company. Thank you again, Beth Mendelsohn

02/21/2017 - vickidanelutti
Sold a Single Family home in 2017 in Boca Raton, FL.

.Tom Carroll and Don Marton with Assist 2 Sell are awesome! I contracted them to sell my house and was very successful and I saved a lot of money. I also used them to purchase a new home! They are truly experts in the field and I would highly recommend giving them a call, whether you are selling or buying. Truly exceptional service!

01/28/2017 - Henry Collazo
Sold a Single Family home in 2017 in Sunrise, FL.

When we decided to move out of state we knew we wanted to use a real estate company that wouldn't fail us, so we decided to call Assist to Sell. We used Assist to Sell years ago and were very pleased! We moved many times in those 15 years and used many real estate companies but Assist to Sell was the one that stood out!! (This move would not be local but two states away.) And the clock was ticking to have to leave. I wanted to be sure that the company we used would be mindful on our time constrictions and would move quick. So I called our local Assist to Sell we got Tom and Don, the perfect team!!! Tom was wonderful! He came out to the home told us what to do because he knew exactly how to get us top dollar for our property! He was a pleasure to speak to and made sure we were comfortable with our listing price. The moment we closed to door we were sure this was happening and Tom would work his magic! Sure enough two weeks later our home was showing like we were giving something away for free!! We got 3 contracts, one better than the next! Tom showcased our home like a model! Then we got to meet his partner, Don, who was also great! During the negotiations and even the closing Don got on the phone and he contacted my husband and allowed us to know, every step of the way, what was happening. It was like being there. He made sure we were happy and that everything was happening smoothly. This company has come to be our number one company to deal with when it came to real estate. But this team was different-they gave true meaning to the work they put into selling and for the the the words "working for the seller". I am thrilled with the profit we made on our home and truly happy that we chose this team to do the work of selling our home! Thank you for everything Tom and Don! And now we can start our new chapter in our lives!! Many blessings to you both...!!!

01/27/2017 - simnews
Sold a Single Family home in 2017 in Coconut Creek, FL.

Tom and Don from Assist-2-Sell made selling our house so much easier and faster than we imagined. They were extremely knowledgeable, helpful, available 24-7, gave us great advice, and guided us through the entire process. They made what could have been a very stressful situation so much more pleasant. They also helped us to save thousands of dollars in commission fees and even helped us to secure $20,000 above our appraisal. If we ever decide to sell or buy a house, we will be sure to work with them again! They’re terrific and we wholeheartedly recommend their services if you’re in the market to sell or buy a home. Gisele and Greg

01/10/2017 - hassanscarpet
Sold a Single Family home in 2017 in Coconut Creek, FL.

Tom was very professional and friendly. He made the whole process so simple for us and led us in the right direction. Not only that but he helped us get the best affiliates to work with to make things even easier. It couldn't have gotten any better than that. I would recommend him to all my friends and family. - Samah Ashwas

01/05/2017 - hiwinds
Sold a Single Family home in 2017 in Boynton Beach, FL.

I could not have been more pleased with my entire experience with Tom Carroll and Don Marton. I was given accurate, honest, realistic advice and guidance throughout the process and we had an accepted offer for the house within two weeks. They were in constant contact with me so I never had to wonder about what was going on. At every moment along the way I felt very confident that I had chosen wonderful realtors. Their professionalism and expertise is beyond compare.

01/04/2017 - onrecess
Bought and Sold a Single Family home in 2017 in Boca Raton, FL.

I called Tom about a house he was listing. He was extremely helpful and informative, so much so I hired him to list my condo. He, along with his broker, Don Marton, were terrific. They were available at any time to explain every step of the buying and selling. Tom helped me find a great house and negotiated a REALLY good deal. He got me a great price on my condo as well. I got great advice on financing, with a referral that saved me a full 5% under what my own credit union was offering. The cherry on top was when Tom and his broker arranged to move my closings up to before the new year, saving me thousands by allowing me to get my homestead exemption without losing a year! They managed to expedite the deals in record short time. I could not be happier.

12/12/2016 - lfrevola
Sold a Single Family home in 2016 in Coconut Creek, FL.

I cannot recommend Tom and Don enough! I remember saving their business flyer for future reference because I thought their business model was quite innovative. When it came time to sell our home of 22 years, we did not want to pay 6% commission so we gave them a try. Tom is the consummate professional. He is responsive, knowledgeable about the market, and warm and gracious. He made an incredible video of our home that no doubt enticed buyers to our door. We sold the house the first day! Not only that, they brought the buyer themselves and we saved a commission on the other end! We saved over $18,000 in real estate commissions! The whole process to closing went without a hitch because Tom and Don made sure of it! I've heard a few horror stories about selling a home but was relieved ours went so smoothly and I have Tom and Don to thank for that!

12/07/2016 - sginns7
Sold a Condo in 2016 in Boca Raton, FL.

Tom exceeded my expectations. I signed on with Tom and Assist To Sell in August. First he inspected my property and suggested some improvements and upgrades. After the improvements and upgrades were completed by a contractor he recommended, he came back to the property and took pictures to show the property on the MLS Listing. After that the property was listed for sale in early September. I was informed by email each time he showed the property and was provided some feedback from the potential buyers. It took less than a month to enter into a contract for sale to a cash buyer. The closing was completed without any problems. His services are on par with any full service/commission broker. I have and will continue to recommend him to my friends and neighbors.

12/04/2016 - maruizfl
Sold a Single Family home in 2016 in Boca Raton, FL.

Tom and Don helped us sell our home in record time! His professionalism and attention to detail was extraordinary. We counted on them to be our onsite representative while we were setting up our new homestead and they was totally accommodating. We saved a small fortune in fees also! We are very discerning customers and can advise you to call Tom and Don without hesitation.

10/10/2016 - user2948153
Sold a Single Family home in 2016 in Coral Springs, FL.

Both Tom & his partner Don were absolutely wonderful in getting our house sold. They were with us every step of the way with issues we were having and helped us get them resolved. They were always courteous as well as available when needed. They communicated with us in a timely manner. We recommend them very highly as I believe they went above and beyond. We could not have gotten through this without them!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

10/04/2016 - pvil36
Sold a Single Family home in 2016 in Parkland, FL.

Tom and Don were incredible to deal with and the process was smooth. We had a contract on our home on the first day it went on the market. The virtual presentation Tom created was amazing. A top notch team and a phone call or email away to any question you have. I highly recommend these two gentleman to anyone wanting to sell their home. Let Tom and Don work their magic! It pays BIG TIME!

10/01/2016 - cndvbp38
Sold a Single Family home in 2016 in Margate, FL.

My husband and I couldn't be more happier! Tom & Don were awesome from the beginning to the end. Tom was very informative. Tom came in and told us what to work on with our home to sell. He was very knowledgeable about the area and what the current homes prices were listed as. The website that he set up for us was personalized for us & updated daily to see other homes in the current area or other areas. He came in and took wonderful pictures and it all paid off. One week later our home was sold! We were in disbelief! We also had a bidding war as well :) We realized we went with the right team of professionals.... Tom & Don were always available through text or a phone call to answer any questions we had. With going to see homes he also asked questions to potential sellers that we didn't even think of ..They sold our home, in less than 3 months later they assisted us with buying a new one... Very fortunate to have meet them and they saved us a lot of money... you won't be disappointed!

09/06/2016 - dereneexcell
Sold a Single Family home in 2016 in Coral Springs, FL.

Tom and Don were very pleasant to work with and always quick to respond to questions and concerns. The stress factor of the transaction was minimized and that meant a lot to myself and my husband. Thank you both!

08/23/2016 - ariaslouis5
Sold a Single Family home in 2016 in Coconut Creek, FL.

Tom Carroll and Don Marton were the perfect choice to sell our home. They secured a buyer within one week of listing our home and finalized the sale in just over 30 days. The entire process was easy, stress free and best of all, saved us over $5,000 in commission costs. They took control from the start and kept us informed throughout the entire process right through the close. We highly recommend them to sell your home! Thank you Tom and Don and Assist To Sell - Louis and Annie Arias

05/21/2016 - mcoquelin
Bought and sold a home in 2016 in Hillsboro Pines, FL.

Tom is a very professional and knowledgeable and made the process of selling my house stress free. They also helped us though the process of purchasing our new HOME and with the savings of $14,000 on commission we were able to start our new lives with more money in our pockets. Thank you once again !!!!

10/17/2015 - annie hsieh
Bought and sold a home in 2015 in Coconut Creek, FL.

Tom an Don were a great team! They were easy to work with, professional, and on top of that, nice people! My house was on contract the week it was on the market, and everything else including closing went smoothly. Choose Assist-2-Sell for great services and great savings!

07/31/2015 - garrityjerry
Bought and sold a townhouse in 2015 in Pompano Beach, FL.

Tom was absolutely fabulous to work with! Technically he wasn't even our realtor, and even still, he helped my husband and I throughout the whole process of buying our first home together. Tom is prompt and polite, as well as laid back and knowledgeable. I definitely recommend working with Tom and his team. :)

07/30/2015 - user64612151
Bought and sold a Single Family Home in 2015 in Parkland, FL.

Tom and Don were great to work with! Excellent customer service with care and integrity...and big savings $$$$$$$ too. They spent a lot of time and effort in staging our home for sale, priced it right to attract many potential buyers and insured that everything went smoothly. They also helped us with the purchase of another home, understanding what we were looking for and finding us the perfect home. Tom Carroll and Don Marton were easy to work with, were always available for us and make a great team for selling and buying your home; we and highly recommend them

05/27/2015 - hansolo500
Bought a Single Family Home in 2015 in Coconut Creek, FL.

Since my first real estate dealing with Tom 13 years ago. I kept Tom's real estate business card in my wallet ever since. My family voted Tom the family's realtor, adviser, and the Google of real estate in South Florida. I am so glad I met him.

05/14/2015 - hansolo500
Bought a Single Family Home in 2015 in Parkland, FL.

From the moment I met Tom I liked him. He understood exactly what my needs were. He also had my best interest at heart. After getting to know Tom, he became more like a family member who I could trust. He's also an excellent negotiator and always follow through with whatever he's to do. Anyone who gets Tom to represent them, should consider themselves very lucky.

05/09/2015 - ghamm98299
Bought a Single Family Home in 2015 in Boynton Beach, FL.

I found Tom to be very polite and responsive to our needs. He made the entire process painless. Without him I don't think we could have managed being that we are out of state and had to rely on him for everything.

05/06/2015 - lucydecarlo
Bought and Sold a Single Family home in 2015 in Deerfield Beach, FL.

I first hired Tom Carroll as my realtor in the year 2000. Tom has handled several sales and new purchases over many years for me. Punctuality, responsible, honest, always going out of his way, trying to please my requirements when I am looking to buy a property, rent it or to sell it are all the positive attributes of Tom. Tom Carroll is an Exceptional Realtor and highly recommended, you won't go wrong!

05/04/2015 - jenieffeh
Bought and Sold a Single Family home in 2014 in Coconut Creek, FL.

Tom Carroll is one of the most sincere real estate agent I have ever met. He knows his market and work hard at finding what your needs are. I recommend him highly.

05/03/2015 - g8trtodd
Bought and Sold a Single Family Home in 2015 in Parkland, FL.

Tom was great to deal with. He helped me sell a home recently, another one back in 2007, he recently helped me with my home purchase in 2013 and again another great experience. I would highly recommend Tom.

05/01/2015 - wrivera12
Bought and Sold a Single Family Home in 2015 in Davie, FL.

Tom has sold and found several members of my family through the years homes. Tom simply does what he says and says what he going to do and gets it all done. Knowledgeable, great negotiator, honest as the day is long. If you want a Realtor that tells you the way it is. Respected and hard working. Tom is your choice.

08/30/2014 - Denise
Sold a Single Family Home in 2014 in Deerfield Beach, FL.

This agent was knowledgeable, resourceful and professional. We came upon many unknown bumps in the road and he guided us smoothly and successfully throughout the process. me and my family are very pleased and would recommend in a heartbeat.

08/22/2014 - carolync95
Sold a Single Family Home in 2014 in Coconut Creek, FL.

Tom Carroll, Don Marten, and the entire Assist2Sell team were honest, informative, and always there when you needed them. Dedicated and empathetic and always helpful. I also used Assis2Sell to buy my home. The process of buying and selling at the same time would not have been easy if it weren't for this exceptional team, I am grateful to have found them!

08/07/2014 - Donna Bentley
Sold a home in 2014 in Coral Springs, FL.

I was very fortunate to have Tom Carroll assist me with selling my home. I literally had to do next to nothing, all my needs were met and my expectations were exceeded. Tom's experience and knowledge in his field were priceless, which made way for a stress-free transaction. I would definitely use and recommend Assist2Sell in the future. .