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The Florida Real Estate Market continues to Change and Evolve.

The internet has provided a more transparent and efficient way for real estate agents to assist their Buyers and Sellers, but it has also given way to increased competition. Competition from other agents (today there are more agents than listings), and competition from corporations trying to get between the agent and their hard-earned commissions.

Assist-2-Sell has proven that there is tremendous opportunity for REALTORS® who embrace the change.

If the traditional way of growing a successful real estate business is not working out as well as you had hoped, then consider a different approach. A proven approach. Since 2004, Assist-2-Sell | Sell and Buy Realty has enjoyed tremendous financial success refining and executing the Assist-2-Sell “Value Proposition” for home sellers. Yes, we work with buyers as well, however our primary goal is to obtain listings. Our marketing is exclusively focused to do just that. When you control the listing, buyers will come.

YOUR timing is perfect!

We are currently in the process of finalizing our first 100% Commission Program for REALTORS® interested in building their business with us. Other Florida companies may offer 100% commission programs, but 100% of nothing is still nothing. The Assist-2-Sell program offers you a proven blueprint for achieving financial success. A blueprint you can follow and take full advantage of the changing Florida real estate market.

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We will contact you just as soon as the program is finalized. PLEASE NOTE: You must already be a Florida REALTOR®.

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