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Amendment 2 – VOTE YES

Vote Yes on Amendment 2

In 2008 Florida voters passed a constitutional amendment that limited how much non-homestead property taxes could increase from year to year.  The 10% yearly cap is set to expire on December 31st.  Prior to this amendment, yearly taxes would often jump by over 10% year after year.  Amendment 2 makes the 10% cap permanent, as a result it protects residents and forever removes the threat of large tax hikes.

What happens if the cap isn’t renewed?

If Amendment 2 doesn’t pass and the cap isn’t renewed, certain property taxes could increase by unlimited amounts every year. Much like before the cap was passed by Florida voters, local mom-and-pop stores could see their property taxes increase by 30%, 50%, or even higher.  Renters could also see their rents skyrocket as landlords pass the extra taxes on to them. Passing Amendment 2 will protect these groups, and more.

Vote Yes Amendment 2 on November 6th

Keep the Cap and Protect Florida!

Above all, this will help communities thrive by preventing excessive property taxes, protecting renters from rent increases, and ensuring Florida remains an affordable place to live, work, and do business.  Amendment 2 balances Florida’s need to protect its citizens and communities, while maintaining and promoting economic opportunity.

On November 6, 2018, you will have the opportunity to make this cap permanent by voting “YES” on Amendment 2.

Strong Bipartisan Support

To get on the 2018 ballot where Florida voters could consequently decide this, Amendment 2 was first passed by our state legislature with overwhelming bipartisan support.
Senate: 100% Supported
House: 97% Supported

There is a large and diverse group of supports.  Local businesses and renters support it, as do the Realtors® Association and Chambers of Commerce.

Learn the Facts!

Vote Yes Amendment 2 on November 6th


Homestead property valuation cannot go up by more than 3% each year.

Amendment 2 doesn’t affect homestead properties.

This helps ALL Floridians by helping small businesses and renters, and helping our economy grow!

So Vote “YES” on Amendment 2!

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